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Common Used Silicone Molding Processes

As a kind of environmentally-friendly raw material, silicone is loved by people because of its various advantages. Its suppleness and non-toxic make it can be widely used in industrial sealing and medical equipment. Especially, its operating temperature is -60℃ to 250℃, which the plastic can't compare with. The use of silicone wrap metal parts or plastic parts to form some new features can make the silicone product both soft and hard. For example, silicone-wrap-steel kitchen spatula quickly becomes a favorite because the environmental performance. Silicone is different to plastic. It is a hot-forming material. In a certain temperature, silicone raw materials curing and molding to the products we wanted.

Commonly used silicone molding processes:silicone tube

1. Extrusion molding process

It is like we squeeze toothpaste, extrusion head is the same shape as cross-section of the product, and has a certain length. Under the force and temperature, when the product comes out from the extrusion port, it has been vulcanizing and forming. The product under this process is generally strip-type products, product cross-section can be various. Such as rectangular strip, ring-shaped silicon tube, and so on.

2. Glue dispensing process
Silicone raw material is liquid so can be stuffed in the syringe.Use pneumatic and manual operation to dispense the raw materials on the mold, heating vulcanization and molding. This process is a manual process, lots of places need manual operation, so the production capacity is not high. It can be dispensed a variety of colors according to customer's requirements. So this process is often used for handicrafts molding. Such as multicolor silicone band, silicone mobile phone covers with various kinds of colorful patterns, and so on.
silicone mobile phone covers

3. Solid state hot-forming process
This process uses the temperature and pressure of hydraulic machine, with the help of the molding die to curing product. This process is relatively low cost, high yield, widely applied. It is mostly used for monochrome silicone products, two-color dual hardness products, or multi-color multi-hardness products. But the product structure is not flexible, will be restricted. It can also be applied to silicone-wrap-plastic and silicone-wrap-steel products,the same, structure is not flexible.And there's temperature requirement on the wrap objects. Generally wrap objects should not change shape at 180℃.
silicone gasket

4. Liquid injection molding process

This process requires silicone injection machine and pressure feeder. Its raw material is water sticky type, has A and B two components. Its working principle is: use pressure feeder to press A and B components in accordance with 1: 1 to the injection machine and mix, and then press it into the hot mold cavity molding through the nozzle. This process molding temperature is relatively low, 130℃ is ok. It can be used for not heat resisting plastic wrapping and molding. It has an advantage over solid state hot-forming process. This process has high productivity, and easy to automate. But the cost of raw materials is several times than the solid silicone material.
silicone spatula

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