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Crystal Crafts Silicone Rubber Mold Production Methods

Crystal handicrafts are elegant and beautiful, with high appreciation value and collection value. Variety of buildings, animals, landscapes, flowers, trees, people, and so can be made into crystal handicrafts. With the mold silicone rubber, we can produce a variety of bright crystal handicrafts with unique fashion and elegant expression of a special passion and artistic taste. The following is a crystal handicrafts silicone rubber mold production process.

1. Crystal Crafts Mold Making

Prepare the protective gloves and supplies (pay attention to safety), plexiglass monomer (polymethylmethacrylate liquid) 100 sets, plexiglass plate (forming 3-5mm thick) <6 sets, Phthalate dibutyl ester solution 4-6 sets, azobisisobutyronitrile white crystals.

First plexiglass monomer contained in the enamel container, the plexiglass plate dissolved in the monomer mixing evenly according to the proportion, and then add dibutyl phthalate, azobisisobutyronitrile mixing evenly. After eliminate air bubbles generated during mixing, and then the mixed mold silicone rubber is poured into the model for polymerization, after a model that was transparent plexiglass finished.

2. Crafts mold silicone casting

With a flat glass plate made of silicone rubber molds, such as a variety of simple square, circular mold, glass knife can be used to cut silicon glass (flat glass) into the required geometry and fence edge, and then the glass edge of the plastic glued to the bottom plate glass, glass glue should be stuck in the mold outside, If the edge of the blade uneven grinding wheel.

If the production requirements of high precision crafts need to turn over the mold silicone or metal production of three-dimensional mold, the smoothness of the mold surface after forming the product is proportional to the relationship between the surface finish.

Crystal Crafts Mold Silicone Note:
  • As the crystal handicraft mold silicone for some paper, polyester, ceramic plastic, wood and glass and other materials have a strong adhesion, so crystal clear plastic ball, crystal glue fridge magnet, crystal glue paperweight, crystal plastic gifts, business card holder, and other high-grade crystal handicrafts can be made from it.
  • If you want to get a transparent product colorful effect, you can add a small amount of organic pigments in the ingredients.
  • If you want to make a variety of imitation amber crafts with a mold, in advance to the selected biological specimens, coins, small models, toys, etc. (referred to as mold) in the mold of silicone mold perfusion after half to park a little mold , Then fill the mold cavity. It can also be placed first and then a one-time casting.

An exquisite crystal handicrafts by virtue of which contains the whimsy and complex manual process, by many people love art-loving. And learn how to do crystal handicrafts silicone rubber mold is particularly important.
Crystal crafts silicone rubber mold

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