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This time we will mainly introduce you a making process of mousse cake with Hello Kitty silicone mold. Through this process, the Hello Kitty cake will be easy to demold, complete shape, smooth surface, and very perfect. This is all due to the good cold resistance and demolding property of the silicone mold. Through different shapes of silicone molds and free mixing a variety of colorants, we can make a variety of beautiful and lovely cakes that are very endeared to the experts of cake and the children.
Silicone molds for mousse cakes
Donut is a kind of dessert that is baked with flour, white sugar and eggs. Donuts are very popular dessert in the United States which is sold in any pastry shops. No matter your gender or age, you will have a love for it. But how can we successfully make the donuts at home? Today I will teach you to make donuts with your hands and silicone mold.
Now on the market silicone molds have all kinds of colors. But for the AB components food-grade liquid silicone molds, its silicone raw material is translucent. The reason it is colorful is because we add color paste into the food-grade liquid silicone raw materials in the subsequent production process. Then the question comes: How to match the color?
silicone molds color matching
If you like baking, you will always need some baking mold. Doing baking for years, having more and more molds, you may later found that some of the molds are seldom used, or bought in a cheap price but used only once. As you become more demanding on the baking, you started to consider the performance of the mold, such as pickier, beautiful, easy to use, good mold release, easy to clean, safe and so on, but the price may not be so sensitive, or rather lack of abuse. In fact, many people will take some detours from rookie to senior.
Silicone baking food mold
Silicone baking mat is made of food-grade silicone raw materials and imported ultra-dense glass fiber. It uses liquid silicone sealing color process. Silicone baking mat has good durability, unfading, double-sided available, anti-tack, anti-skid, easy to demold. Various patterns can be designed and sealed on the silicone baking mat, such as lovely animal, heart shape, dot shape, Christmas decorations, flower and so on.
how to make color drawing cake rolls with silicone baking mathow to make color drawing cake rolls with silicone baking mathow to make color drawing cake rolls with silicone baking mat
20 degrees hardness mold silicone features: Used to make small pieces of handicrafts. The material has low viscosity, good fluidity, good operation, easy to exhaust bubble, good pull and tear strength, easy to perfusion.
40 degrees hardness mold silicone features: Used to make large pieces of products. The material has small viscosity, good fluidity, good operation, easy to exhaust bubble, good pull and tear strength, easy to perfusion.
Generally, we'll use various silicone flower molds when making fondant flowers. Silicone flower mold is food-grade silicone mold that is especially designed for the fondant cake decorating. Its applicable temperature is -40℃ to 230℃, has resistance to low and high temperature, can be used in microwave ovens, ovens and refrigerators. Its silicone material has stable performance, soft and tough, no deformation, tear-resistant, natural materials, no smell, meets FDA standards, long-term use will not produce harmful substances, very health. Silicone flower mold has various styles and beautiful color. The fondant flowers made by this silicone mold have realistic details, peculiar and flexible shapes.
silicone fondant molds for flowers

The material amount is just right for the five-pin silicone mold.
The oven temperature and baking time shall be adjusted by your device and material.
Because of personal preferences, the waffle made according to this recipe is not too soft, and I don’t like baking powder. So this recipe may not be suitable for all tastes, but I hope it will meet some people's appetite.
Silicone mold waffle
Fondant mold food-grade silicone is an addition-type silicone, also known as two-component room temperature vulcanization silicone. Silicone A, B components are fluid colloid, in which B component contains platinum catalyst or other additives. A and B components in accordance with the ratio of 1:1 mixture can be heated or room temperature vulcanization.
Fondant silicone mold
Store the mold silicone in a separate flat layer. If they are all stacked together, it may cause them to bend and warp. If the mold silicone rubber becomes distorted, it cannot be fixed and used again.
Silicone rubber mold
When finish producing the silicone rubber mold, before storage, you should use warm water and mild soap to clean it.Be careful not to use solvents to clean your mold or put it in the dishwasher. Make sure the mold is completely dry before storing.
Stir the silicone and curing agent. Mold silicone appearance is flow liquid, component A is silicone, component B is curing agent. For example: Take 100 grams of silicone, add 2 grams of curing agent, silicone and curing agent must be evenly stirred, if not, the mold will have bad curing. Silicone mold non-uniform drying and curing will shorten the service life or even result in mold scrapped.
Silica gel
In the mold production process to add too much silicone oil, silicone oil damaged the molecular weight of silicone, so the mold will appear low durability. If the small pieces of product patterns to more complex products, with a large hardness of silicone to open mode, there will be a small number of turn the mold, because the silicone will be very brittle, easy to break.Silicone mold demolding On the contrary, if you do to build products with a small hardness of silicone mold, the results will also be unsatisfactory. Because the silica gel is too soft, its tensile strength and tear strength will be reduced, the mold will be out of deformation, so the number of turn the mold will be reduced. Mold silicone itself is very good quality, good or bad silicone is not only suitable for and not suitable. We have to use the size of the product for the hardness of silica gel to produce mold will not happen this situation.
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