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Food-grade Silicone Character and Application Method

I. Food-grade silicone Usages:
Silicone mold: Can be used for automotive parts, military materials parts, aerospace materials, molds, resin crafts mold, car tire mold, yacht mold, chocolate mold, cake mold, etc.
Silicone products: Can be used to produce silicone prostheses, silicone chest paste, silicone mask, silicone dolls, silicone gaskets, adult supplies, simulation food, simulation dishes and medical grade products.

II. Characteristics of food grade silicone:
Food-grade silicone mold with low shrinkage can be long-term use and maintain its soft and elastic function under temperature range of -65°C to 350°C, and has excellent electrical and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, weather aging, non-corrosive, physiological lazy, non-toxic, tasteless, low line shortening rate, the finished product has high transparent, good demolding strengths, easy to operate and so on.
Food grade silicone mold

III. Processing method of food-grade silicone:
  1. Mixing: A component (base rubber) and B component (curing agent) according to the ratio of 1: 1 mixture, mixing can be manual or use equipment.
  2. Defoaming: The mixed material should be defoaming before filling the mold.
  3. Appearance treatment: Rubber contacting the surface of the mold or the surface of the material can be encapsulated with liquid paraffin as a release agent.
  4. Curing and demolding: The defoamed compound placed in 120±5℃ bake 30 minutes curing, 60~70℃ bake 2 to 3 hours curing, room temperature curing time is 24 hours, curing temperature and the time may be determined according to the process conditions.

IV. Food-grade silicone storage and precautions:
  1. The goods are non-dangerous, should be sealed storage, placed in cool place to avoid rain and sunlight, storage period is six months.
  2. In the application of goods should be prohibited and condensed silicone rubber, sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen compounds mixed, otherwise it will affect the vulcanization of plastic, if the original type used condensation mold, must be clean with gasoline, or the mold appearance cannot cure or become sticky.

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