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How to Choose Baking Mold?

If you like baking, you will always need some baking mold. Doing baking for years, having more and more molds, you may later found that some of the molds are seldom used, or bought in a cheap price but used only once. As you become more demanding on the baking, you started to consider the performance of the mold, such as pickier, beautiful, easy to use, good mold release, easy to clean, safe and so on, but the price may not be so sensitive, or rather lack of abuse. In fact, many people will take some detours from rookie to senior. Today, we will talk about the baking mold selection and purchasing skills.
Silicone baking mold
Classify by material
Baking mold has variety types, but the material is nothing more than these: metal, ceramics, glass and silicone. These four kinds of molds have their own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, different brands and origin quality is also different. A lot of baking newcomers thought the cost of molds should not be more expensive than the oven, so they pay no attention to brand, origin, safety and ease of use, generally buy the cheapest ones. To personal experience, it someone purchase the mold like this, in the end, he may pay twice of the price to buy the same mold.

Metal mold
Metal mold has the highest possession rate in all types of users. You may not have silicone mold or glass mold, but there must be a few metal molds. Why there are so much metal molds? That’s because metal has high heat conduction, and is easy to shape and coating.

Aluminum mold is considered the top choice of metal mold, but excessive intake of aluminum is easy to get senile dementia, so some big brands will make anodic oxidation treatment on the mold. So we buy aluminum mold, we must choose anodic oxidation treated products. You may find the same brand or the same business selling two aluminum molds appearance almost the same but large difference in price, that the low price one is probably not anodized.

Iron mold do not have much problems than aluminum mold, the product is generally with coating to prevent rust. High quality and expensive iron mold has British resin coating, which has much better release performance.

Weathering steel is a kind of material between iron and stainless steel, common used in all kinds of buildings. This material will rust, but the corrosion rate is relatively slow, and the price is cheap, so in recent years, a few brands of toast mold are widely used.

Stainless steel mold has high gloss and perfect thinness. Common kitchen utensils and molds are brushed stainless steel treated and mirror stainless steel. However, the stainless steel mold is a little hard to demold. So, you should put roasted paper when baking cake, or wipe more butter when toasting bread.

Ceramic mold has high heat resistance, generally up to 700-800℃. So, you will see a lot of Nordic tableware is ceramics.

For glass mold, you should buy lead-free product and do not use ordinary glass containers. You should buy famous brand oven-specific glass mold to prevent cracking.
Silicone baking food mold
The following we focus on silicone mold. Silicone molds are very popular in recent years, but you should be careful when buying the silicone mold. The no brand or cheap silicone molds have low stability. When using, the low quality products will release harmful substances or odor, leading to poisoning or carcinogenic.

However, good quality silicone mold is not only tasteless, smooth surface, but also not easy to deformation, discoloration and warping, good thermal conductivity and very easy to demold, the most important thing is safe, non-toxic and tasteless.

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