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How to Make Donuts with Silicone Mold?

Donut is a kind of dessert that is baked with flour, white sugar and eggs. Donuts are very popular dessert in the United States which is sold in any pastry shops. No matter your gender or age, you will have a love for it.
But how can we successfully make the donuts at home? Today I will teach you to make donuts with your hands and silicone mold.

1 egg, 100 grams of milk, 20 grams of fine sugar, 100 grams of high-gluten flour
Melted chocolate (color), color sugar beads

Silicone donuts mold

Making process:
  1. Mix the eggs, milk and fine sugar evenly.
  2. Add high-gluten flour and stir evenly.
  3. Wipe a thin layer of vegetable oil or melted butter around the mold.
  4. Pour the paste into a large container, the best is the measuring cup, for easy to pour out.
  5. Pour the paste into the silicone mold and tapping the baking pan to exhaust the bubbles.
  6. Preheat the oven to 170℃ and bake for 25 minutes.
  7. The baked paste can be released after some time. Making donut is best to choose hollow mold, which the heat can be more uniform.
  8. After release, the donuts are very cute and lovely, isn’t it?
  9. Paint the melt chocolate on the donut, and then put the color sugar beads for decoration. Finally, the lovely and delicious donuts are completed!
Silicone mold donuts making

Delicious food will always bring happiness. Keen on food is the nature of human being. Let’s try to make some donuts with silicone mold!


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