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How to Match Colors for Food-grade Silicone Molds

Now on the market silicone molds have all kinds of colors. But for the AB components food-grade liquid silicone molds, its silicone raw material is translucent. The reason it is colorful is because we add color paste into the food-grade liquid silicone raw materials in the subsequent production process. Then the question comes: How to match the color?silicone color pastes

The food-grade liquid silicone raw materials suppliers can match colors free for customers. Some customers because of their products have too many colors, and silicone raw materials suppliers can't match color inaccurately. So a lot of silicone molds companies like to do it themselves. The color matching of silicone mold products is operated by the colorist in the companies. It is a skill that the colorist must have and master expertly.

Then we will show you how to match colors:

Required materials: Silicone color paste (color master batch), food-grade liquid silicone raw materials, high precision electronic scale, scraper, agitator, Pantone color card.

Operation steps:
  1. Find the desired color number through Pantone color card, after confirming, analysis the color is made from which basic colors, probably needed proportion of color pastes.
  2. Take out the prepared color paste, and weight by electronic scale. According to calculated probable proportion, weight the corresponding food-grade liquid silicone raw materials.
  3. Match the color pastes, and match a certain proportion of food-grade liquid silicone through the agitator, and then contrast the Pantone color card for deployment.
  4. Repeatedly increase or decrease the color pastes, and deploy a color same as the color of the color card number, and then record the corresponding data proportion to make the color formula.
  5. Take out the liquid silicone raw materials and color pastes through the color formula, and weigh accurately, and get the corresponding colored food-grade liquid silicone for the silicone molds bulk production. After molding, we can get the silicone molds we wanted.
Food-grade liquid silicone color matching is very important in the production. This job requires the operator to have a keen color resolution and rich operational experience. The whole process of color matching should follow the principle from shallow to deep, and flexible use of color pastes, must not use formula by rote. Unskillful operating will result in waste of resources, affect the production.

Liquid silicone color matching formula:
Single Color Master Batch: 5%
Thinner: 5-40%
Curing agent: 10%
Red + yellow = orange
Blue + yellow = green
Blue + red = purple
Black + white = gray
Red + blue + white = pinkish-purple
silicone molds color matching

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