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How to Use Silicone Flower Molds for Fondant

Generally, we'll use various silicone flower molds when making fondant flowers. Silicone flower mold is food-grade silicone mold that is especially designed for the fondant cake decorating. Its applicable temperature is -40℃ to 230℃, has resistance to low and high temperature, can be used in microwave ovens, ovens and refrigerators. Its silicone material has stable performance, soft and tough, no deformation, tear-resistant, natural materials, no smell, meets FDA standards, long-term use will not produce harmful substances, very health. Silicone flower mold has various styles and beautiful color. The fondant flowers made by this silicone mold have realistic details, peculiar and flexible shapes.

silicone fondant molds for flowers

Here are some making methods of fondant flowers.
I. Yellow roses
  1. Take a little yellow gum paste to make the stamen and pistil, rub into a drop-shaped by hand, insert on the top of stem.
  2. Roll the gum paste into flat piece.
  3. Press out the petals shape with the metal flower mold.
  4. Put the petals into the silicone flower mold and press out the patterns.
  5. Use a ball stick to squeeze the petals edge back and forth, so that the petals will be more realistic.
  6. Cross splicing petals from small to large onto the stem, generally first and second layers have 3 pieces, the third and fourth layers have 4 pieces, the fifth layer has 5 pieces, the sixth layer has 6 pieces.
  7. Finally use ball stick press a small pit at the top of the cake, and then put the flowers up, it's perfect.
silicone flower molds for yellow roses
II. Lilies
  1. Roll the white gum paste into flat piece, than press out three pieces of wide petals and three pieces of narrow petals with the metal flower mold.
  2. Put the petals on the silicone flower mold and press out veins by hand.
  3. Put the petals on the sponge mat, use the ball stick to squeeze the petals edge back and forth, so that the petals will be more realistic.
  4. After brushing the glue, insert the flower branches into the bottom of the petal and pinch slightly.
  5. Put petals on the plate for drying.
  6. Roll the dark green gum paste into flat and thin, than press out leaves.
  7. Put the leaves on the silicone fondant mold and press out the veins by hand.
  8. Put the leaves on the sponge mat, and then use the ball stick to squeeze the leaves edge.
  9. Brush some glue onto one side of flower branch, and then insert into the bottom of leave, pinch slightly.
  10. Put the leaves in order on the plate for drying.
  11. Brush pink toner onto the surface of the petals, and keep the edges of the petals still white.
  12. Rub six flower pistils, and strap together with tape, the wide petals bundle in turn around the pistil, the narrow petals bundle in the outermost, a flower has six pieces of petals.
  13. Brush leaves with green toner, and bundle into a bunch.
  14. Bundle the buds and leaves into a branch, and then stick the lilies and branch together.
silicone fondant molds making lilies

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