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How to Use Silicone Mold to Make 6 Inch Hello Kitty Mousse Cake

This time we will mainly introduce you a making process of mousse cake with Hello Kitty silicone mold. Through this process, the Hello Kitty cake will be easy to demold, complete shape, smooth surface, and very perfect. This is all due to the good cold resistance and demolding property of the silicone mold. Through different shapes of silicone molds and free mixing a variety of colorants, we can make a variety of beautiful and lovely cakes that are very endeared to the experts of cake and the children.

Hello Kitty mousse cake

Hello Kitty silicone mold, chiffon cake 2 pieces, light cream 250ml, cream cheese 125g, pure milk 200ml, castor sugar 60g, gelatin 3 pieces, pink colorant a little, yellow colorant a little, a chocolate pen.

Making process:
  • Cut gelatin to small pieces, macerate with ice water, and set aside.
  • Put cream cheese and milk together into a pot and heat with hot water, until can't see the granular cream cheese.
  • Add castor sugar and completely dissolve it.
  • Put cheese paste away from the fire, put the soft gelatin into the cheese paste, use residue heat of cheese paste to dissolve gelatin completely.
  • In order to avoid there's cheese not dissolved, cheese paste need to filter. And then put the cheese aside.
  • Whip light cream to be pasty.
  • Put the cheese paste and whipped cream together, and use a silicone scraper to mix well, and then it becomes mousse paste.
  • Take two small bowls and scoop a little mousse paste to each bowl, add pink colorant and yellow colorant into two bowls separately by the toothpick.
Hello Kitty mousse cake making progress
  • Prepare Hello Kitty silicone mold, because the bowknot part is inclined, so use a towel to cushion the bottom of the silicone mold, and put them on the plate, to keep the bowknot horizontal.
  • Fill the bowknot with pink mousse paste, be careful don't leak to the outside, and then put the silicone mold and plate together into the frozen layer of refrigerator for 10 minutes, to make the bowknot mousse solidified.
  • Put the silicone mold out of refrigerator after the bowknot is solidified, remove the towel and fill the nose with a yellow mousse paste, and then put it into the frozen layer for 10 minutes.
  • After the nose is solidified, pour one-third of the mousse paste, and then cover a piece of chiffon cake, in order to prevent the cake piece float, freeze Kitty for two minutes.
  • Put out Kitty and then pour a part of the mousse paste, cover another piece of chiffon cake, freeze Kitty for two minutes again.
  • Finally, pour all the mousse paste into the silicone mold, put into frozen layer for about 4-5 hours to be fully solidified, freeze for a night is also ok, because the silicone mold is extremely cold resistant.
Hello Kitty mousse cake making progress
  • After Hello Kitty mousse cake is completely solidified, it can demold directly, don't use any hot water or hot wind, or cake surface will have a pimple.
  • Perfect demolding!
  • Then paint Kitty's eyes and beards. Macerate the chocolate pen in hot water, use clean paper to wipe the top, and then extrusive the chocolate onto the eyes and the beards.
  • Hello Kitty finished! Do you think it looks so delicious and you are entangled with eating it or not.
  • Since Hello Kitty mousse cake is frozen, so need to thaw it before eating. General thawing time in winter is about 5 hours, in summer it is about three and a half hours.
Silicone molds for mousse cakes

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