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How to Use Silicone Mold to Make Waffle

Butter 20g
Cake flour 70g
One egg
Milk 50g
Fine sugar 25g

Soften the butter into liquid with microwave oven for 30 seconds;
Add sugar and milk, stir well;
Add the egg, whip and mix well;
Sift into the flour, stir well;
Brush some oil in the silicone mold, and then pour into the cake liquid and flat;
Oven preheated at 200℃, bake 25 minutes.

The material amount is just right for the five-pin silicone mold.
The oven temperature and baking time shall be adjusted by your device and material.
Because of personal preferences, the waffle made according to this recipe is not too soft, and I don’t like baking powder. So this recipe may not be suitable for all tastes, but I hope it will meet some people's appetite.
Silicone mold waffle

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