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Silicone Candle Molds

I. Silicone candle mold and the raw material
Silicone candle mold is mainly used to make the craft candles, festival candles and other candle products. Its raw materials are silicone and curing agent.

The silicone raw material also can be used to make molds for various kinds of products. For example, shoe sole, plaster line, plaster sculpture, cultural stone, background wall, mosaic, resin crafts, resin products, handmade soap, chalk, cement rockery, cement sculpture, cement products, Roman column and other products.

silicone candle mold cake
II. Characteristics of silicone candle mold
  • Anti-tearing, rolling over for many times, long service life
  • Low viscosity, easy to operate
  • Low shrinkage, non-deformation
  • Hardness of silicone raw material is optional
  • Acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, high and low temperature resistance
III. How to choose silicone hardness?
According to the operating method, if it's a pouring mold, select silicone hardness of 20 degrees or 40 degrees.

Hardness 20 degrees silicone candle mold is fit for small technical products. It has good characteristics of low viscosity, good activity, good operation, easy to discharge bubble and easy to pour.

Hardness 40 degrees mold is fit for making large products, with high hardness, non-deformation, anti-tearing.

IV. Silicone candle mold making key points:
  1. Component A: component B=100:3 to 100:5. It's computing based on two components weight. Mix component A (silicone) and component B (curing agent) together, and stir.
  2. After stirring well, put into the vacuum machine to exhaust vacuum, vacuum exhausting time should less than ten minutes. Vacuum container should not be filled too full, otherwise silicone will overflow container.
  3. Pour silicone into the frame at a fixed point slowly, help the bubble discharged.
  4. Mold can be completely cured at room temperature after 4-8 hours. Do not use heat curing, even want to accelerate curing time, the temperature should not higher than 60℃.
  5. It is the best to place silicone mold for 24 hours before put it into use.
Color Translucence
Viscosity (CS) 15000
Specific gravity (g/cm3) 1.08
Hardness (A°) 10
Tensile strength (kgf/cm2) 38
Tear strength (kgf/cm2) 25
Elongation (%) 426
Line shortening rate (%) 0.2
Increased share of curing agent (%) 3-5%
Operation time (minutes) 30
Curing time (hours) 4-8

V. Notes of making:
  1. The amount of curing agent should be added depending on the temperature. If the temperature is high, the amount of curing agent should be reduced to avoid the curing time to be too short and causing no time to operate.
  2. In order to avoid silicone, liquid silicone, silicone rubber physical properties changed, don't add silicone oil.
  3. In order to let the silicone mold could reach the best using effect, keep the mold in storage for at least 24 hours before use.
VI. Expiration date
At room temperature 25℃, the expiration date will be 12 months in sealed package.

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