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Silicone Chocolate Molds

Silicone chocolate mold raw material usages:
Silicone chocolate mold is mainly used for different shapes handmade chocolate making. The main raw material is food-grade silicone. Food-grade silicone not only can be used in the production of chocolate mold, but also can be used in other food mold, such as candy mold, cake mold, silicone ice tray, and silicone pacifier, craft ceramics, printing, human organ cloning, precision parts mold making, rubber coat production, bronze mold making, military parts mold making, aerospace parts mold making and fairing mold making.

Food-grade silicone characteristics:silicone chocolate molds
  1. Does not release low molecular during curing process, shrinkage less than 0.1%.
  2. Not be limited by product thickness and can be deep curing.
  3. Has excellent high temperature resistance of 300℃.
  4. Food-grade, non-toxic and tasteless, FDA food-grade certificated.
  5. High tensile, anti-tearing, long service life.
  6. Good liquidity, easy to operate.
Technical Parameters of Silicone Chocolate Mold:

Hardness 15±2 20±2 25±2 30±2 40±2
Color semitransparent semitransparent semitransparent semitransparent semitransparent
Proportion (A:B) 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1or10:1 1:1or10:1
Viscosity (mPa.s) 8000±2000 9000±2000 10000±2000 12000±2000 14000±2000
Anti-tear strength (MPa) 4.2 4.7 5.2 5.2 6.2
Tensile strength (KN/m) 12±2 14±2 13±2 12±2 12±2
Elongation (%) 470 520 470 470 320
Specific gravity (g/cm3) 1.05 1.05 1.07 1.13 1.14
Operation time (min) 20-40 20-40 20-40 20-40 20-40
Full cure time 3-5hours (25); 20-30mins(<60) 3-5hours(>25); 20-30mins(60) 3-5hours(25); 20-30mins(60) 3-5hours(25); 20-30mins(60) 3-5hours(25); 20-30mins(60)
Linear Shrinkage (%) 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
P.S.: In the parameter table, colloid viscosity, color, transparency, hardness, and other parameters can be selected according to customer's requirements.

Silicone Chocolate Mold Making:
  • Mix the two components A and B evenly by weight 1:1, filling into the mold after vacuum defoaming. Operate at room temperature (25℃) in about 30 minutes. After 3-5 hours, it can be completely cured. Heating can speed up curing.
  • This product cannot share with the container that used condensation type silicone before, in order to prevent silicone poisoning (not curing).
  • Have a small sample test before using, when everything looks good, continue bulk-production.
Silicone chocolate mold using notes:
  • This product is non-dangerous goods, should be sealed and stored in a cool place, to prevent rain, sunlight exposure.
  • In the course of operation should avoid contact with condensation type silicone rubber vulcanizing agent.
Distinguish with other silicone tableware:
Because the market classification of silicone kitchen utensils uneven, there is no clear boundaries, silicone cake mold, silicone ice tray, and silicone chocolate mold these silicone tableware mold are generally similar in the product structure or product appearance. It is difficult to clearly distinguish. The respective characteristics of the three products are briefly described below.
Silicone ice trays
Silicone ice tray is the most common ice mold, the shape of silicone ice tray can be very detailed and has large sharp corner. The groove can be very small, and design can be very detailed. The molded ice can be hollowed-out.
Silicone cake molds
The common silicone cake baking mold shape is more big and regular. The largest difference between silicone ice trays is that silicone cake mold will not has large sharp corner and small groove, mostly solid design.
Silicone chocolate molds
The silicone chocolate mold is designed very close to silicone cake mold. The difference is that the size of the chocolate mold is smaller than the cake mold, and depth is shallower.

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