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Silicone Ice Trays

Silicone ice tray is a kind of kitchen silicone products. Nowadays it's a kind of very popular tableware.Silicone ice tray for vodka

Product description
Silicone ice tray is a mold used to make various shapes of ice. It's made of silicone raw materials, which are special food-grade with high quality and environmental protection characteristics. So it is very safe and healthy to use silicone ice tray in your life. The ice is commonly used to mix wine or frozen drinks, and have magical decorative effect.

Silicone ice tray is made by oil hydraulic press through high temperature vulcanization molding process.
The main fabrication processes are raw material preparation, vulcanization forming, trimming, etc.

Product shape
The silicone ice tray shape can be designed according to personal ideas.
Generally it's divided into four categories: fruit shape, animal shape, letter shape, pictographic shape (such as square, round, heart-shape, etc.). Of course there are many other shapes, for example, car shape, cartoon characters shape. As long as you can imagine, the shape can be designed freely.

Product color
The color of silicone ice tray is deployed according to add a proportion of food-grade color master batch into silicone raw materials. In theory, all the Pantone colors on the color card can be matched.

Product features
Silicone ice tray has the characteristics of environmentally friendly and non-toxic characteristics. It does not have any toxic and hazardous substances, and meets the requirements of third-party certification (such as ROHS, FDA, LFGB, etc.). Its applicable temperature range is -40 to 230 degrees Celsius.

Silicone ice tray
In addition, silicone ice tray has the advantages of ordinary silicone mold, such as non-slip, shock, elasticity, insulation, anti-tearing, anti-fade, long-life. It also has good advantages of non-deformation, non-stick makings. It is very soft and easy to clean, and becomes the most popular ice mold.

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