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Silicone Mold Cake Making Tips

In recent years, colorful and lovely silicone kitchen utensil quickly becomes popular. Although the price is high, the silicone mold product is still popular. The silicone material is soft, foldable, flexible, and easy to deformation. The silicone food mold, silicone baking mold and silicone cake mold are easy to carry and easy to accommodate. Moreover, the silicone material is not easy to stain oil, so it is very convenient to clean up.

The food grade silicone mold can withstand 230℃ high temperature, so it can be safely used in the oven. Especially in cake making, compared with other molds, silicone mold will be much softer, so demolding will no longer be a trouble. Also, silicone mold is very convenient in maintain and can keep the perfect shape of baking goods, the cleaning is also convenient.
Silicone cake mold
But better goods usually have higher price. According to industry insiders, silicone raw materials prices are different. The ordinary silicone material 1kg is about $138; fumed silicone 1kg is between $228 and $420; and high quality silicone 1kg is between $230 and $480. This is only the price of raw materials exclude vulcanizing agent, color masterbatch and other accessories. The finished products, 1 gram price between $720 and $1200, the specific price depends mainly on the production process.

According to chemical knowledge, the chemical property of silicone is relatively stable between -60℃ to 250℃, in addition to strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid. Oven, microwave oven, including steamer, refrigerator and other temperatures are not more than this range, it should be no problem. And silicone material is derived from natural sand and stone, neither plastic nor rubber. Its quality and safety significantly is better than plastic and rubber, and is non-toxic, tasteless, baby pacifier and artificial organs of raw materials. In the world, it has long been extensive used in a variety of tableware, kitchen utensils and other products. However, experts suggest that, the silicone molds are processed products, so it is the best to buy silicone molds produced by large companies and factories, and do not blindly choose by appearance or price.
Silicone food mold
Notice of silicone mold cake making: 1. If you are going to make heavy cream cake, you don’t need to wipe oil and powder in advance; but if you do not want to make heavy cream cake, it had to prepare in advance; 2. It can be stripped after slightly cooled, and the cake will have a good shape; 3. The baking time of silicone mold cake will be slightly longer.

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