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Silicone Mold Manufacturing Process and Precautions

Precautions of Silicone Mold Manufacturing

1. Molding selection and mold line selection is very important. First, it will make convenient to take out the mold. Second, the mold line should not affect the overall product. Third, it should not affect product quality. If the mold line position is too high, the product is prone to cracking. Lastly, to reduce the process operation procedures, such as open half of the mold.

2. In order to prevent the flow of silicone around the mold with wood or wood fixed in a regular range, when opening the mold with wood and sludge separated the first part of the request, there is no gap between the sludge and mold species, sludge smooth surface. After the preparation of the above work, then in the gypsum mold or model coated with petrolatum or sprayed with release agent, smooth products require a clean cotton cloth stained with petrolatum evenly coated on the model species, for 30 minutes to mold Kind of full absorption of Vaseline, and then a clean cotton cloth to clean the surface of the model, requiring the surface light; and texture of the product as long as evenly coated with Vaseline. on the formula can be a good silicone. Silicone mixing should be arranged according to the direction of irregular mixing, so that the curing agent and silicone fully mixed to minimize the air mixed with glue. Smooth products best in the first layer of plastic when pumping a vacuum, the vacuum required to maintain -0.1Mpa 7-8 seconds.

3. Silicone with a good mold should be timely. Pour the glue with a trickle of the way down the top of the model, let the natural flow, the flow is not in place with a brush in place, if it is not only full-chip silicone rubber products, but also brush evenly. Each product at least three layers of silica gel brush, the thickness of each layer silica gel is 1mm. In the process of brushing silica gel, it requires each layer to be cured after brushing another layer, the third layer in the brush when the second layer above plus one Layer of gauze to increase the strength of silica gel. The whole part of the silicone mold according to the size of the product requirements of different thickness control in the 3-4mm, width of not more than 60 mm product width. The solidification time of the silica gel was 20 minutes.

Silicone Mold Manufacturing Process

  • Wash and dry the master model, and make smooth treatment (to cover a layer of stripping wax or brush some release agent).
  • Put 500-1000 grams of mold silicone (mold silicone, mold rubber, silicone rubber, silicone) in plastic pots.
  • Put hardening agent by weight ratio (usually 1.5-2.5%) into the container for mixing, and fully stir well.
  • Pay attention to the mix condition (especially the first layer), certain amount of silicone thinner is supposed to be added. Until the mixture even, usually 3-5 minutes.
  • Mold silicone rubber (mold silicone, mold rubber, silicone rubber, silica gel) and hardener mixture, the reaction at room temperature and the release of low molecular weight alcohol, in order to make alcohol molecules from the colloid 1-3 minutes. It also does not have to rely on equipment (mainly depending on the operation of mold division experience).
  • Multi-layer brushing mold should follow the internal, external curing at the same time is appropriate. When the amount of curing agent is relatively small, it is longer reaction time, the reaction is sufficient, colloidal like, so the best amount of curing agent is much less than outside. Brush until the first layer (inner) dry and then brush the second layer. Operating time is 30-50 minutes, demolding time is 10-15 hours, and the curing time is 24 hours. Note brushing the first and second layer after the best mold cloth, which can greatly improve the service life of the mold (but must not use glass fiber cloth, or likely to cause delamination leaving the entire mold scrapped).
  • Three-dimensional perfusion mold, usually 10-15 hours curing as well.
  • After the completion of the production of soft molds to produce gypsum or fiberglass jacket to support the silicone soft mold.
  • Silicone mold line selection: Select a location that does not affect the appearance of the product; Select a location that can be easily machined after grouting; Select the position where the mold itself can be easily remolded; select the location of the product is not easy to deformation.
  • Must not be in order to catch the production schedule to blindly increase the amount of hardener, silicone mold will greatly reduce the service life.
Silicone mold

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