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Silicone Mold Raw Materials and Related Steel Materials

Silicone mold is the mold glue for production of handicrafts, silicone is characterized of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, tear resistance, high simulation fine, is the mold for all kinds of crafts.
Silicone mold

Silicone mold raw materials
Silicone is more and more favor because of its good environmental performance. To understand the knowledge of silicone mold, we should start from the raw materials of silicone.

1. Silicone kitchenware raw materials can be divided into ordinary silicone and meteorological silicone by performance.

Ordinary silicone is also known as precipitated silicone.
Color: Translucent, milky white, light yellow, gray and so on.
Hardness: 30º, 40º, 50º, 60º, 70º, etc., commonly used between 40º and 70º.
Density: 1.1-1.12g/cm3
Elongation: 400%
Usage: Mostly use as middle and low silicone products like phone keys, miscellaneous pieces, conductive plastic, etc.

Meteorological silicone, also known as pure silicone
Color: transparent
Hardness: 30º, 40º, 50º, 60º, 70º, 80º, etc. Commonly use 40º and 60º.
Density: 1.1-1.12g/cm3
Elongation: 600% to 700%
Features: High cost because of high transparency and tensile strength.
Usage: Silicone tube, protective sleeve and other high-end products with high flexibility requirements.

2. According to physical properties, silicone raw materials can be divided into solid silicone and liquid silicone.

Solid silicone is mainly used for molding products. For example: Silicone case, silicone tableware, silicone molds, silicone keys and so on. Liquid silicone is mainly used for extrusion molding products, such as silicone nipples, silicone tubes.

Insulating silicone pad (food grade silicone) with excellent high temperature performance, it can withstand high temperature of 200℃ and long-term use. The raw material production line has food-grade standards, FDA food-grade testing, without taste and toxic. The product is manufactured in accordance with the mold. The color and shape can be customized.

Related steel materials

S50c is what we often say 50# steel in the industry, because the national standards of different numbers are also different (American Standard Number: AISI 1050~1055; Japanese Standard Number: S50C~S55C; German Standard Number: 1.1730. Also known as the carbon steel or 45# steel in China, Hong Kong known as the trump card steel. Hardness of the steel: HB170~HB220. It is cheap, easy processing, cold deformation and low plasticity, welding performance, hardenability, the cutting performance is acceptable. Generally used in normalizing or quenching, tempering, abrasion resistance for the manufacture of less demanding products. Generally common silicone rubber molds are using this steel.

P20 is what we often say p20 steel, its number is also different because the different national standards (the United States, Japan, Singapore, mainland China and Hong Kong Standard Number: AISI P20. Germany and some European countries ID: DIN: 1.2311, 1.2378, and 1.2312). P20 steel is a mold welding material model, pre-hardened to 285-330HB (30-36HRC), can be directly used in the mold processing, and has good dimensional stability characteristics. Pre-hardened steel can meet the general purpose needs, the mold die life of up to 50 W modes. Such as after nitriding and hardening can get high hardness of the surface layer. After nitriding the surface hardness reaches 650-700HV (57-60HRC), service life can reach more than 100 million times. The nitride layer has a dense, smooth features, mold release and anti-wet air and lye corrosion performance.

S718 mold steel is improved steel developed on the basis of P20, 718 steel in the P20 steel increased the hardness of 5HRC and its quality has greatly improved, so that it fills the P20 mold steel to meet the occasion that P20 mold steel fail to meet the requirements. Steel Features: polishing, electric erosion, welding and machining of the good state. The factory state: the hardening and tempering to HB290-330. Vacuum degassing refining steel is clean, suitable for polishing or etching processing hot pressing die. Pre-hardened state of supply, without the need for heat treatment can be directly used for mold processing, shortens the duration. The forging rolling processing, dense tissue, 100% ultrasonic inspection, no pores, eye defects. S136 steel is used under quenched and tempered condition (hardness 48-54HRC) to meet the long-term work or the number of parts to make up to more than 1 million life requirements. Its more appropriate use should be done after quenching tempering hardness can reach above 48HRC, so it is better polishing and better corrosion resistance. Currently the most widely used is general-purpose plastic, silicone rubber mold steel typical steel that often referred to as "advanced" hot-pressing mold steel.

S136 with the continuous improvement of the quality of the thermoforming mold market, more needs to die steel toughness, corrosion resistance and the overall hardness of the perfect collection. S136 is proved to meet these requirements. Its factory hardness up to HB250, after 200 degrees price its table hardness is still up to HB220. It has excellent optical rotation, excellent wear resistance, excellent machinability, quenching with excellent stability. So that after the long-term use the mold cavity surface remains the original smooth state. No special protection is required when the mold is stored in a damp environment, greatly reducing the cost of production. Since the mold cooling channel is not affected by corrosion (unlike ordinary die steel), heat transfer characteristics and cooling efficiency in the mold life are stable, it ensure that the mold constant forming time. Because its special properties, it is more suitable for special environmental needs. Excellent corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, more suitable for corrosive raw materials, such as acetate injection molding materials or the mold that must be in a humid environment to work and store. Wear resistance, the use of wear-resistant injection molding materials (including thermosetting injection molding die) or require a longer mold working time, such as electronic parts, discarded-style meal knives, utensils and so on. It is also suit for high-smooth surface of the production of optical products, such as cameras, sunglasses, chemical equipment and plastic products.

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