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Silicone Molds for Candy

Because of the good demolding property, silicone mold is widely used for so many foods. Now people also use silicone molds for candy. Lately the most popular star lollipop is also made of silicone mold. Star Lollipop is a creative candy from the United States. Some people on the Internet also called it the solar system lollipop. It is a handmade lollipop. The sugar ball is made of high quality natural syrup, and in the middle of the sugar ball, there is a beautiful star pattern, which is used food-grade colors print on the glutinous rice paper. It is really very beautiful and delicious candy.
silicone molds for candy

Now we will tell you how to use silicone molds to make star lollipop.

Ingredients: Coral candy 120g, water 12g, glutinous rice paper, dark colorant.
Difficulty in operation: Primary
Time: 30-60 minutes

Making process of star lollipop:
  1. According to the rate of sugar and water 10: 1 and began to boil sugar in a little pot. When the temperature rises to 165℃ (use low heat), or the sugar becomes transparent, it's ok. Put the pot onto a wet cloth to avoid rising to high temperature. Shake the pot to let the bubble quickly disappear.
  2. Take out the silicone mold. The best advantage of silicone mold is that it does not require stripping oil and is easy to operate.
  3. Pour the syrup into the side of mold without stick. In order to cool syrup fast, put the silicone mold into the baking tray, add some water.
  4. At the same time you can cut the stars paper. The size of the paper is smaller than the mold. The diameter of mold is 2.8cm, paper will be 2.4cm. Try to cut as circular as you can, or the picture will affect the final quality.
  5. When sugar is a little warm, put the paper onto the sugar, and keep the pattern face to the ground.
  6. Continue to boil sugar after cool, add a little dark colorant to syrup (or not add). Clamp two parts of mold together, or use elastics tied tightly. And pour the syrup into the mold from the hole.
  7. A few minutes later insert a stick in the hole. Don't insert too deep. And then put down, adjust it gently.
  8. After cool open the mold and wait the lollipop thoroughly cool. General lollipop surface will have small bubbles, but it doesn't affect taste.
  9. If you want to give it to someone as a gift, use a flame gun burning the surface for a few seconds, bubbles will disappear. Don't move until the lollipop thoroughly cool.
  10. Finally put it into the packing bag and tie well, and then put into the gift box, it is a perfect gift!
silicone molds for star lollipop

If you think spherical lollipop is too big, you can also use other silicone mold to make flat lollipop. Or use a spherical mold directly to make a spherical cake, and then wrap a layer of hot chocolate on the surface and paste the nuts to be a chocolate spherical cake. Of course, syrup can also use brown sugar, or use the filtered fruit juice instead of food colorant as flavorings and colorings.
Silicone molds for lollipop

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