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Silicone Molds Problems and Solutions in Production

In the silicone molds making processes, sometimes we may find some unqualified products caused by various kinds of problems. In these cases, we must find out the reasons on time to reduce or even prevent the probability of making an unqualified product, to save the cost of production.

Here we will show a summary sheet including the unqualified situations in the production process, the influence factors, the forming reasons and the corresponding solutions.

Unqualified situations Influence factors Reasons Solutions
Material shortage Equipment Insufficient equipment pressure Replace/repair equipment to achieve specified pressure
Vacuum/exhaust function lose efficacy Repair the vacuum/exhaust function
Equipment temperature control system fail Repair equipment temperature control system
Material Insufficient feedstock Increase feedstock
Silicone raw material has low fluidity, high hardness, and is stored for a long time Change the formula, reduce hardness, improve the mobility of the raw material, remake material (thermal refining)
Craft Low pressure Increase the pressure setting criteria
Low feedstock standard Increase the feedstock standard
Exhaust times/distance unreasonable Reasonable select the exhaust times/distance
Temperature too high Reduce the temperature
Mold Mold is too large Bring down the bearing surface
Unreasonable mold structure Improve mold structure
Operation Discharge position is deflected Improve the feeding position accuracy
Operation speed is too slow Improve operating speed
Release agent concentration is too high Dilution release agent
Bubbles Equipment Vacuum/exhaust function lose efficacy Repair the vacuum/exhaust function
Equipment pressure is too high Reduce pressure
Material Silicone raw material viscosity is poor Improve the formula, increase silicone raw material viscosity
Craft Exhaust times/distance unreasonable Reasonable select the exhaust times/distance
Temperature is too high Reduce the temperature
Mold Mold exhaust performance is poor Increase width of exhaust slot, improve the mold structure
Operation Feeding method error, head to tail being a closed connection Separately feeding head and tail
Not curing Equipment Equipment temperature is too low Repair equipment temperature control system
Exhaust function fail Repair exhaust function
Material The vulcanization speed of silicone raw material is fast Reduce vulcanizing system of formula
Craft Vulcanizing time is short Increase vulcanization time
Vulcanizing temperature is high Reduce vulcanizing temperature
Mold Mold sticked with foreign matter Clean mold core
Operation Slow speed of feeding, unskilled operation Increase operation speed
Haven't sprinkled detergent water after finish Sprinkle detergent water after finish
Fracture/crack Material Silicone raw material has low plasticity, high hardness Change the formula, improve the plasticity, reduce hardness
Silicone raw material stick on the mold Reduce silicone raw material viscosity
Craft Vulcanizing temperature is too high, time is too long Reduce vulcanizing temperature and time
Mold Mold surface is not clean Cleaning/plating the mold
Operation Demolding overexert, leading to product rupture Improve demolding operation skills
Contaminated Equipment Equipment/tools dirty, easy to contaminate the silicone Cleaning equipment/tools
Heating is not uniform Check and replace damaged heating tube
Material Silicone raw material is contaminated Remake silicone raw material
Mixing unevenly Remake silicone raw material
Mold Mold surface is dirty Clean the mold
Mold temperature is not uniform Heating to get uniform temperature
Operation Hands are not clean, without baffle, leading to mutual pollution Wash hands before operate, add baffle
Burring Equipment Equipment pressure is insufficient Use another equipment with large tonnage
Material Excellent tear resistance Reduce silicone content, reducing the tear resistance of silicone raw material
Craft Feedstock is overweight, burr is thick Reduce feedstock
Molding temperature is too high Reduce molding temperature
Mold Mold dismountable part is broken Repair mold dismountable part
Mold size is large, burr can not be pressed thinner Bring down the pressure-bearing surface, or set a paperboard in the middle of mold
Operation Feedstock is overweight Reweight strictly
Blooming Material Too much weight of powder in formula Reduce the weight of powder
Silicone raw material is aging Remake silicone raw material
Craft Product storage temperature is too high Store in a airy place and reduce the temperature
Curing is not complete, vulcanizing time is short Baking in the oven
Crushed Equipment Equipment moves abnormally, suddenly emergency stop, or accelerate and decelerate, the sensor is loose or the oil path is blocked Check and repair equipment
Material Iron size is out of standard Check the specifications of the iron parts
Mold Mold iron can not be fixed Increase the iron positioning, fixing device
Mold core position is offset Reset position
Operation Haven't checked mold iron after equipped Check whether the iron pieces fall off, shift, etc.
Air trapping Mold Mold is unreasonable Add exhaust slot
Operation Exhaust times is not enough Exhaust one more time, spray a small amount of release agent
Uneven color Equipment Plate temperature is not uniform Check the equipment
Mold Mold is not clean Clean the mold
Craft Vulcanizating mold temperature and time is wrong Reset related parameters
Dislocation Equipment The locating cone is loose, the spotting is inaccurate Check the equipment
Mold Mold is unreasonable Redesign the mold
Pore on surface Material The silicone raw material has too much moisture Silicone raw material should be baked before use, mixed material should be added a small amount of CaO

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