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Silicone Molds Silk Screen Printing

In the production process of silicone mold, if you want to print words or patterns on the surface, such as customized LOGO, the most common is silk screen printing. Silk screen printing principle is, exerts a force on the forme to make printing ink move to the silicone mold surface through the mesh. The specific operations are as follows:
  1. Produce an appropriate screen.
  2. Leave blank for the words on the screen (penetrate silicone ink), seal all other position with glue (do not penetrate ink).
  3. Place silicone ink in the screen, and then direct the words of screen at the required printing position of silicone mold.
  4. Silk-screen squeegee with silicone ink brush over the required printing position of silicone mold.
  5. Silicone ink will penetrate to the surface of the silicone mold through the vacant position on the screen, and words on silicone mold surface are formed.
  6. Bake the silicone mold with oven to fully cure the ink.
Silk screen process operation is very easy and low cost, but the friction life of printing is relatively low. For some silicone products like silicone buttons which has higher requirement for the friction life, it needs to spray a layer of abrasion-proof PU on the surface to increase durability.The printing ink used by silk screen is a special silicone ink. It is environmentally friendly product, non-toxic, with high covering power, high light, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, good adhesion, does not hurt the substrate, color pure and bright, good weather resistance, suitable for fine printing. If the words are required for a matte effect, we can add a certain percentage of matte powder. Matte powder has chemical stability, non-toxic, tasteless, non-flammable, safe to use.
silicone buttons and silk screen printing machine
Silk screen is a very important process of silicone products. In the operation, we should pay attention if the surfaces of silicone products are dry and clean (cannot use too more molding release agent, and keep silicone products clean when storing). And pay attention to the baking temperature and time of silicone products after printing, otherwise the words is low of abrasion resistance, or even can be wiped easily. In addition, it is better not to use cheaper but low-quality printing ink, or it will affect the quality of silicone products.

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