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Silicone Round Ice Cube Molds

Silicone round ice cube mold is made of food-gradeRound ice cubesilicone raw materials. It's environmentally friendly, healthy, safe anddurable. Its material is soft, can make you more conveniently to remove the ice from the mold. The silicone mold has non-toxic, will not crack, and will be long-life. It really does not stimulate the skin. The usage effect of silicone mold is far higher than ordinary rubber and plastic. This silicone mold is in line with China, EU, US and other countries standards of food hygiene. Now it's sweeping the world.

Silicone round ice cube mold is fit for the people, who has a refrigerator, or like to let the life full of enjoyment.

Product specifications:

Inner Diameter: 7.0cm
Product Weight: 135g
Product Color: Any color is available (transparent, white, red, blue, rose red, yellow, green, etc.)
Logo: LOGO can be printed outside the mold

Sillicone ice molds

Product features:
  1. Raw materials using 100% environmentally friendly silicone: Food-grade silicone is made of silicic acid polycondensate. It's inorganic macromolecule colloidal material. The main component is mSiO2.nH2O. Its chemical stability is good, in addition to caustic and hydrofluoric acid these two special circumstances it does not react with any acid and bases. It commonly used in baby pacifiers, baby bottles and other high security requirement products. It's good at low-carbon environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, soft, non-slip, shockproof, watertightness, heat insulation, non-aging, not fade, easy to clean.
  2. Silicone round ice cube mold applicable temperature range is -50 to 250 degrees Celsius. It is fit for a variety of refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances using to make food. After baking or freezing it is still soft and non-deformation.
  3. It is durable, effectively prevent the furniture surface to be scalded and scratched.
  4. After food making process is finished, just twist the ice mold, all kinds of food can be enjoyed to you.
  5. The ice mold meets the US FDA food-grade test standards.
  6. A variety of silicone round ice cube molds with attractive designs, to meet the personalized needs of different people. It can be used to processed foods include ice, ice cream, chocolate, cakes, jelly, pudding, biscuits and so on.
Silicone ice molds make round ice cubes and chocolate

Product usage:

Wash it with clear water before using and then place in hot water to disinfect. Add pure water into the ice mold from small hole on the top, until the mold is filled with water. And then put it into the refrigerator. When you want add ice to the wine or drinks, take it out of the mold.

Preservation method:

After using, it should be cleaned and stored in a clean and dry place that can avoid direct sunlight.

Silicone round ice cube molds make jelly

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