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Silicone Rubber Mold Design Introduction

Nowadays, the application of silicone is more and more extensive. From the beginning, it was used for silicone keypad, waterproof ring, sealing ring and other mechanical and electronic products. But today, it is used in all aspects of our daily life, such as our daily utensils, ice models, etc. As well as the daily used notebook cover, mobile phone protective cover, tablet PC protective cover and other fields. It can be said that a new type of silicone product is successful or not, mainly determined by the mold. At present, the traditional remote control, telephone keypad mold development has been more mature. Some new product development, design and processing is constantly improving.

The silicone mold design basic norms and factors:
Outside dimension of mold
Ordinary machine
Tons of machine bit
Dimensions of hot plates
Maximum mold size
Vacuum machine

Basic design of molds

Control project
Control standards and requirements
Mold material

1. Special mold by the company designated material, the other from the mold material suppliers.
2. Must ensure that the mold exposed to the air for more than 8 hours without rust phenomenon.
3. Must be resistant to high temperature and pressure without deformation.
4. Die life can be> 50 million times.
Die size

According to design size, male and female mold length and width of the same size, must be an integer multiple of 50mm.
Die size
1. The female die effective thickness L1> 20mm.
2. The male die effective thicknessL2> 25mm.
3. The general thickness of the mold plate to take 35mm- 40mm.
4. Feature die total die thickness is 70-85mm.
Clamping hole
Clamping hole
5. Symmetrical distribution in the middle of feature die.
6. L1 = L2 = 200 mm.
7. Mold clamping hole thread M12.
Female die
1. Handle in the center of the feature die width and thickness.
2. Center distance 100mm.
3. Thread M8.
Prying die mouth
Die mouth
1. Each in the male and female mold symmetrical about the front.
2. 15(L1)X18(L2)X7(thick)mm.
Lift the die hole
Die hole
1. Positions in the center of feature die width and thickness (handle direction).
2. Center distance 320mm.
3. Screw hole M12.
Positioning column/sets
Positioning column
1. The positioning column is on the mother die and the positioning sleeve is on the male mold.
2. Positioning hole center distance from the mold edge L1 = 25mm, L2 = 40mm.
3. The nearest distance of the center of the positioning hole to the product is> 20mm.
4. Positioning column / set diameter Φ=20mm.
5. Positioning design as shown (step to prevent the positioning of column sets of sink) sinking depth comparable positioning sleeve, column height plus 0.5mm. Φ1=20mm, Φ2=19mm, h1=0.2-0.25mm.
The size of the product in the mold
The size of the product in the mold
1. The edge of the product from the edge of the mold L1 = L2≧40mm.
2. Product area spacing L3 = L4 = 28-30mm.
Vacuum positioning column
Vacuum positioning column
1. Install three positioning posts on the male die.
2. Positioning column from the die edge L1 = 100mm, L2 = the center distance of length, L3 = the center distance of width.
3. Positioning column Φ=6mm, the female die corresponds to the position of the hole to make holes Φ=10mm.
4. Positioning column height higher than the core about 3-5mm.
Processing edge size
Processing edge size
1. Processing edge width L1 = 1.2mm, thickness H = 0.4-0.5mm.
2. Outer burr width L2 = 5mm, thickness H1 = 0.1mm.
Product spacing
Product spacing
1. The product spacing tab L3 = 3mm.
2. Positioning holes, Self-demolitionedge, the overflowtankflesh open in the male die.
Overflow tank size
Overflow tank
The overflow tank is U-shaped with Φ=2.5-3mm.
Hinge position
Hinge position
1. Upper hinge on the female die.
2. Lower hinge on the male die.
3. Symmetrical distribution.
4. Center distance 100X100.
Three - layer Die Design

1. In the center plate positioning using completely asymmetric anti-fade device.
2. The center plate must be designed in the male die, flush with the male die reference.
3. The center plate thickness>3.5mm.
4. Other designs are the same with two-layer die.
5. If necessary, it needs the same location cutting angel.
1. On the left side of the female die handle the model is engraved, and the right side is engraved date (dd / mm /yyyy).
2. On the left side of the male die handle, mark the number of the mold.
3. Character height≧15mm, depth≧1.0mm.

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