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In recent years, colorful and lovely silicone kitchen utensil quickly becomes popular. Although the price is high, the silicone mold product is still popular. The silicone material is soft, foldable, flexible, and easy to deformation. The silicone food mold, silicone baking mold and silicone cake mold are easy to carry and easy to accommodate. Moreover, the silicone material is not easy to stain oil, so it is very convenient to clean up.
Silicone cake mold
In the production process of silicone mold, if you want to print words or patterns on the surface, such as customized LOGO, the most common is silk screen printing. Silk screen printing principle is, exerts a force on the forme to make printing ink move to the silicone mold surface through the mesh.
silicone buttons and silk screen printing machine
Nowadays, the application of silicone is more and more extensive. From the beginning, it was used for silicone keypad, waterproof ring, sealing ring and other mechanical and electronic products. But today, it is used in all aspects of our daily life, such as our daily utensils, ice models, etc. As well as the daily used notebook cover, mobile phone protective cover, tablet PC protective cover and other fields. It can be said that a new type of silicone product is successful or not, mainly determined by the mold. At present, the traditional remote control, telephone keypad mold development has been more mature. Some new product development, design and processing is constantly improving.

The silicone mold design basic norms and factors:
Outside dimension of mold
Ordinary machine
Tons of machine bit
Dimensions of hot plates
Maximum mold size
Vacuum machine
As a kind of environmentally-friendly raw material, silicone is loved by people because of its various advantages. Its suppleness and non-toxic make it can be widely used in industrial sealing and medical equipment. Especially, its operating temperature is -60℃ to 250℃, which the plastic can't compare with. The use of silicone wrap metal parts or plastic parts to form some new features can make the silicone product both soft and hard. For example, silicone-wrap-steel kitchen spatula quickly becomes a favorite because the environmental performance.
silicone gasket
When the prototype structure has a draft, a groove, and a protrusion, the mold is generally smoothly molded as long as it does not exceed the deformation within the range of the silicone rubber tear strength, but lift the mold to be very careful to avoid damage to silicone rubber molds and parts.
Silicone rubber mold
The silicone baking mold has the advantage of anti-stick and easy mold release. A good silicone mold has the service life of about 200 times.
Silicone food mold
Crystal handicrafts are elegant and beautiful, with high appreciation value and collection value. Variety of buildings, animals, landscapes, flowers, trees, people, and so can be made into crystal handicrafts. With the mold silicone rubber, we can produce a variety of bright crystal handicrafts with unique fashion and elegant expression of a special passion and artistic taste. The following is a crystal handicrafts silicone rubber mold production process.
Crystal crafts silicone rubber mold
Silicone mold products molding is a forming process, which is feeding silicone raw materials mixed with vulcanizing agent in the mold, through a certain period of high temperature and high pressure vulcanization, to form the silicone mold products to a required shape. This process includes several factors that can directly impact the molding quality of silicone mold product, such as temperature, pressure, time, exhaust and other factors.
Food-grade silicone mold with low shrinkage can be long-term use and maintain its soft and elastic function under temperature range of -65°C to 350°C, and has excellent electrical and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, weather aging, non-corrosive, physiological lazy, non-toxic, tasteless, low line shortening rate, the finished product has high transparent, good demolding strengths, easy to operate and so on.
Food grade silicone mold
In the silicone molds making processes, sometimes we may find some unqualified products caused by various kinds of problems. In these cases, we must find out the reasons on time to reduce or even prevent the probability of making an unqualified product, to save the cost of production.
Thermosetting liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection mold structure, in general, is similar with the thermoplastic structure mold, but there are many significant differences. For example, LSR compounds generally have lower viscosities and therefore have very short filling times, even at very low injection pressures. In order to avoid air entrapment, it is important to provide good venting device in the mold.
Silicone nipples
At present, the molding silicone rubber is two-component liquid silicone rubber, divided into condensation and addition. Condensation mold silicone rubber main components include: Silicone (raw rubber) of end groups and part of side groups are the pendant hydroxyl groups, fillers, crosslinking agents and vulcanization accelerator. Addition mold silicone rubber main components include: Silicone (raw rubber) of end groups and partial side groups are vinyl groups, hydrogen silicone oil (Crosslinking agent), platinum catalyst (catalyst), and white carbon black (filler).

Table 1. Systematic characteristics based on vulcanization mechanism

Condensation type
Addition type
Vulcanization speed adjustment method
Vulcanizing agent type, dosage
By-product during vulcanization
Ethanol, etc.
Factors hindering vulcanize
Electrical insulation
In the curing process will be a temporary decline


Corrosion of the prototype
Heat resistance
Deep vulcanization
Most can be vulcanized
All can be vulcanized
Cold, water, weather resistance
The two are roughly the same

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