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Silicone rubber is very versatile as special mold material. Silicone rubber has excellent performance and wide range of uses than any other mold materials:
  • Silicone rubber has good simulation, strength and low shrinkage.
  • Mold making method is simple and easy, can be cured at room temperature. Silicone rubber mold has good flexibility. Convex and concave part of the casting molding can also be directly removed.
  • Silicone rubber mold can withstand repeated use. It can maintain the prototype parts and can be used for small batch production of products. Mold modification is also very convenient.
  • Mold can also add metal inserts and other parts. The finished products can also be electroplating and painting.
  • Without any release agent.
  • High temperature and all kinds of acid and alkali substances. Therefore, in all need to use the mold industry like the decorative building materials, arts and crafts, precision casting, glass and steel industry, gypsum cement products and plumbing seal, polyurethane foam adornment and so on can use silicone rubber molds.
Silicone rubber
Mold silicone rubber is widely used in bathroom products, PU resin, unsaturated resin, polyurethane resin, Roman column, gypsum handicrafts, lighting, architectural decoration, embossed furniture, plastic toys, gift stationery, large sculpture, glass, crystal, candle, soap Imitation marble, the human body statue, imitation copper technology, cultural relics production, simulation landscape rockery production and other molding products.
Silicone mold rubber
Silicone with a good mold should be timely. Pour the glue with a trickle of the way down the top of the model, let the natural flow, the flow is not in place with a brush in place, if it is not only full-chip silicone rubber products, but also brush evenly. Each product at least three layers of silica gel brush, the thickness of each layer silica gel is 1mm. In the process of brushing silica gel, it requires each layer to be cured after brushing another layer, the third layer in the brush when the second layer above plus one Layer of gauze to increase the strength of silica gel. The whole part of the silicone mold according to the size of the product requirements of different thickness control in the 3-4mm, width of not more than 60 mm product width. The solidification time of the silica gel was 20 minutes.
Silicone mold is the mold glue for production of handicrafts, silicone is characterized of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, tear resistance, high simulation fine, is the mold for all kinds of crafts.
Silicone mold
Abstract: Silicone mold is a kind of rapid mold making method. The production process is: preparation of master pattern → mold frame making → fixing master pattern → weighing silica gel → stirring silica gel and curing agent → silica gel vacuum exhausting bubble → silica gel pouring → mold curing → open mold pruning → complete.

Tools and materials: Two-component silicone (silicone and curing agent), plastic plate, electronic scale, cup, tape, glass rod, mold release agent, scissors, knife, hot melt glue gun, strip and airbrush.

Master pattern processing
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